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Meet Pamela, Co-Founder

To me, true beauty is about celebrating authenticity. I want to look like myself, feel like myself, and that means taking care of myself on my terms.

I believe our differences are what make us beautiful and interesting to one another... The goal is to realize our own purpose on earth... and it starts with believing in ourselves... to have courage... to be what no-one else is... and find strength in that. It goes beyond healthy skin.

- Pamela

Meet Marie, Co-Founder

My journey started with my own skin. Constant travel, endless commitments, and multi-step products had taken a toll. I started looking for a solution, but the more I did, the worse I felt. 

So I started removing the excess: consciously slowing down, simplifying my beauty routine, and eating to feel good. 

By focusing on my  health, I noticed that my energy returned and my skin improved. Motivated by these changes and my own needs, I enlisted a team of chemists and expert formulators to help me develop a simpler, more intuitive way to care for your skin, inside and out. 

I hope Sonsie will become your skincare go-tos, products to keep skin beyond healthy. 

- Marie

Less is more meaningful

We stand for simplified ingredient lists and straightforward formulas. Our products are formulated without sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and silicone. We are vegan and cruelty-free. We remove the noise, confusion, and harmful expectations–they weren't serving you or your skin

Progress over perfection

We’re not perfect, nor is perfection. But we’re committed to making progress every day as we move with intentionality towards. Both our products and our brand reflect a mindset that is all about moving forward, while still making time to embrace where we are right now. 

Skin health is health

Our name speaks to our belief that a healthy appearance is connected to your inner wellbeing–we care deeply for both. With Sonsie, we're always considering how the inner and outer connect and how we can help you care for yourself. 

Everyone is welcome

Our community is inclusive of everyone who chooses to make us part of their daily ritual. From our imagery to the product formulations, we want everyone to feel seen by Sonsie–all ages and all skin types. We are intentional about our choices and know we can always do better, so we invite our community to help us get there. 

Our Green Commitment

At Sonsie, we are committed to sustainability and continually strive to limit our impact on the environment. We use recyclable packaging and FSC paper, all certified sustainably and ethically sourced, as well as post consumer resin (PCR) plastics when plastic is used. We also use up to 30% recycled glass cullet in our glass products.

We’re far from perfect but it's our priority to persistently reduce our environmental footprint.

Best Sellers

Multi Moisture Mask
Multi Moisture Mask
Multi Moisture Mask
The hydration station for seriously thirsty skin
Sonsie Super Serum
Sonsie Super Serum
Sonsie Super Serum
The daily base coat to calm and rejuvenate skin
Basic Balm
Basic Balm
Basic Balm
The nourishing balm with a gloss-like appearance

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